Is the pension for Atlanta's former police chief correct?

The controversy continues over the pension for Atlanta's former top cop.

Former Chief George Turner will take home more than $21,000 a month, $252,000 each year. That is even more than he made when he was on the job, and now the chairman of the pension board has ordered an investigation into the chief's pension.

The phones have been ringing off the hook at City Hall over the pension decision. By comparison, a zone lieutenant, let's say out here at zone two, can retire with a good service of maybe $75,000 a year, a decent pension. His long-time boss, George Turner is due to get $252,000 a year. It raised some questions. And now there are questions about that total.

By all accounts, Turner should get every cent he's entitled to in pension benefits.

"First of all, chief turner is very respected, long-time employee," said Tony Biello, Chairman, Police Pension Board.

But since FOX 5 news has been investigating actions taken by the city police pension board, new information has been uncovered indicating the retirement package approved for the former chief is likely incorrect and violates IRS law, according to the pension actuary. The board passed the monthly payout well over $21,000, but the actuary said the correct amount should be $17,555.55. The actuary said he believes there was a misunderstanding of the IRS limits on pensions.

“This is not over. I’m sorry to say that. We are still looking into it. There’s some documents we need to see," said Tony Biello, Chairman, Police Pension Board.

The mayor's office has not yet commented on this. This whole pension issue is led by the Human Services Commissioner, Yvonne Cowser Yancy and they have not yet responded to the latest information which has come out yet.

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