Investigators: Cars stolen from Carvana lot in Barrow County

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It's a company that touts itself as the new way to buy a car.

But a Barrow County Sheriff investigators are trying to determine if that internet approach is also opening the door for thieves.

According to police reports, more than 30 mostly high-end vehicles have been stolen from the Carvana storage lot in Winder in recent weeks.

Early Friday night, a car hauler pulled into the Carvana storage lot on Pierce Road bringing the latest automotive merchandise.

There are dozens of cars, SUVs, and trucks at the lot which is a restricted area for authorized employees.

FOX 5 News spoke to a truck driver who would only identify himself as Pete who had just driven in from Ohio.

He was unaware of a string of recent burglaries from the lot and another nearby Carvana lot.

According to reporter Wayne Ford with the Athens Banner-Herald, as well as police reports, more than 30 vehicles have been stolen from the Winder Carvana lots in the past three months.

"It doesn't surprise me. Why do you say that? Once upon a time they didn't have security out here. I think that's a security guard back there," said Pete.

Besides an apparent security guard in place, a Barrow County Sheriff deputy who said he had been hired as extra security, pulled into the lot while we were there.

The police reports indicated vehicles stolen included Mercedes-Benz, Infinity, Camaros, a Challenger and a Silverado truck.

Pete said he always has a safeguard against theft.

"None of my cars get stolen because I take my keys with me," said Pete.

According to the police reports, the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office is working closely with Carvana's loss prevention to find the thieves responsible for car losses valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

FOX 5 News reached out to Carvana with phone calls and an email but did not get s response.

Pete, the truck driver, also had good things to say about the internet car sales company.

"They're a great company. I do a lot of work for them. I don't have any issues with them," said Pete.