Intruder chased off after trying to get through doggy door

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A home invader tried a quite unusual approach to get inside a California.

Security footage caught the man trying to creep his way in through a doggy door.

Homeowner Lexie Linberg says she heard the doggy door flap open. She knew it wasn't her dog because her poodle Mooxie was sitting right next to her.

So Lingberg immediately grabbed a weapon and walked downstairs with Mooxie, who is trained to attack.

She says they were both prepared to defend their home.

"After screaming at him, I'm racing down the stairs with my dog, and we're absolutely going for him at this point," Linberg said.

The pair successfully chases the intruder off.

Her doorbell camera was able to get a good photo of the intruder.

So far police have not made any arrests.

Reporting from Atlanta