Innocent teen injured in drive-by shooting identified as 'star athlete'

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Two teens are recovering after a drive-by shooting in southeast Atlanta Tuesday evening. Police said the intended target, a woman, was also injured.

Glass littered the 1200 block of Redford Drive as officers arrived. Police said around 7 p.m. a vehicle drove down the street and opened fire using what police believe was an AK-47.

Investigators said a woman in her 30s was the intended target. She was shot in the arm while standing near a vehicle on the street. A short distance down the road, a 19-year-old and his 14-year-old cousin were also shot. They were innocent bystanders sitting inside a vehicle.

FOX 5's Nathalie Pozo spoke with the 14-year-old's mother while she was at the hospital with her son.

"He is very brave," said Keisha Wells. "I am blessed."

Wells said her son, Demarco Williams, was shot in the leg. He was released from the hospital Tuesday night.

“It was crazy last night, but everybody survived. That’s all that matters right now,” said a family member who did not want to be identified.

Wells also said her son is a star football player at KIPP VISION Primary and Middle School.

"They were innocent, innocent people. They didn’t have nothing to do with nothing,” said Williams’ cousin.

“They’re quiet. They don’t bother nobody. This lady she stay in the house, she go to work, she come home she take care of their kids. He a good boy he don't bother nobody he in the house, or playing football,” said neighbor Ryan Clausell.

Police said the 19-year-old victim was shot in the stomach.

All three victims are expected to be OK.

“And I pray for that other family that they do better by they-self that they do better with they life. But my family and my friends they OK. They OK,” said Williams’ cousin.

Several cars were shot up along the street. Police said up to 40 bullets are believed to have been fired during the shooting. Neighbors said they were ducking to try to avoid the gunfire and are surprised more people were not injured.

"I think it was more than that," said Wells. "It sounded like machine guns."

Police are searching for at least two people who were in that car, the driver and a gunman. Police have not yet released details on the car or of the suspect.