Injured officer says he's getting the run-around from city hall

The Atlanta police officer who survived a bullet to the brain, yet made it back to patrol, said City Hall is why his head is hurting right now.

Richard Straut is a 29-year veteran. He has made a claim, backed up by favorable court rulings, that he is entitled to a separate payment beyond his medical bills.

Daniel Levitas, Straut’s attorney, said that is because the gunshot injury caused Straut to lose partial function on his left side.

There is compensation any worker may be able to qualify for when an injury is significant, according to Levitas.

Strat said he is frustrated because City Hall lawyers have appealed twice following rulings favorable to the officer.

A spokesperson for Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said the city has no comment at this time, because lawyers have not seen the latest ruling.

The most Straut can receive is less than $20,000.