Inexpensive ways to keep your skin healthy and youthful looking

Dermatolgist Rutledge Forney knows good, healthy skin. She has a secret for you on how to keep your skin looking young and vibrant as possible--no matter your age.

"Things that are very expensive are not necessarily better than some things more reasonably priced,"  points out Dr. Forney "So think about what you're buying for your money, and remember that consistent use is most important thing."

For example, a good consistent, healthy diet will help your skin age gracefully. Dr. Forney is talking about loading up on anti-oxidants from fruits and vegatables.

" Lots of color, the more color the better," says Dr. Forney.

You can also use antioxidant vitamin C cream.

"Most of those are over the counter. So a topical vitamin C. A topical combo of antioxidants can be very helpful in terms of lightning brown spots and reversing signs of sun damage," adds Dr. Forney.

She's also big on retinol to help with wrinkles. The stuff can help create healthier skin cells. Spending time in the gym can turn back the hands of time, too.

"Believe it or not, aerobic exercise, working up a sweat several times a week ,is really good for your skin. So, long as you don't wear make up on," says Dr. Forney

Most important, Dr.Forney suggests you wear sunscreen not just in the summer, but all year round--no matter your complexion.