Impressive pizza-tossing brothers go viral

Two young brothers from New Jersey have been demonstrating their amazing pizza-tossing skills for years, but a recent Internet video showing the boys in action has made them national stars.

Five years ago, 12-year-old Michael Testa and his brother, 10-year-old Nicholas, started going to work with their dad to allow their mom to care for their colicky baby sister.

"Me and my brother are very competitive so we fight about everything at home," said Michael.

Their dad, Carmine, has owned Carmine’s Pizza Factory in downtown Jersey City for 17 years. To occupy his sons at the restaurant, he gave them a couple of rubber practice doughs.

Soon, the Testa boys taught themselves to toss and spin their doughs well enough to attract a small following on the Internet, and national TV attention.

"You need about one hour and 30 minutes of practice," said Michael.

"Michael, my oldest, probably could win a competition now,” his dad said. “He's that good."

But rules forbid Michael to compete until he turns 18.

Check them out showing off their skills in a Facebook video that went viral, reaching over 18 million views.


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