ICE features 'most wanted' for Georgia crime

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A new federal most wanted list shows a list of fugitives in this county illegally who have left death and destruction in their wake.

One of those men on the ICE Most Wanted list is Gonzalo Harrel-Gonzales, who authorities believe is responsible for the hit and run death of Woodstock, Georgia teen Dustin Inman and much more.

It happened Father’s Day weekend in 2000. The Inmans were driving through Ellijay, Georgia when hit from behind. Dustin Inman, 16, and the family dog were killed. Billy and Kathy Inman were hospitalized.

“I'm in so much pain every day and it kills my husband to have to watch me and not have time to cry,” said Kathy Inman.

Since the tragedy, Kathy's health has deteriorated, but still no capture of Harrell-Gonzalez, the suspected hit, and run driver.

Over the years the Inmans tried everything to find him, even putting up billboards.

Now, he is on an electronic billboard of sorts as one of the new most wanted fugitives for an office of ICE, known as Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement or VOICE.

“The Voice is another avenue,” said Billy Inman. “The people there are doing what they can to find these people that done things like what happened to us.”

The Inmans are featured victims in a VOICE video which shows other victims, a call center, and other ways VOICE, which began in 2017, can help them.

“So, it's about empowering the victim and providing a service that did not exist in this way before the creation of our office,” said Barbara Gonzalez, VOICE Assistant Director.

Gonzalez said VOICE, which was established by the Trump administration in 2017, can help coordinate crisis intervention, counseling, and emotional support. But justice for the Inmans will arrive when Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez is caught.

“It eats me knowing that this man is still walking around hugging his kids I get to the cemetery to see mine or talk to him in my heart.”

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