‘I love you’: Married couple of 65 years reunite after 44 days apart amid COVID-19 pandemic

A married couple of 65 years finally got a chance to reunite after being separated for 44 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The heartwarming reunion was captured on video by the couple’s granddaughter in April at a nursing home in Loyalton, California.

Amber Mahood accompanied her grandmother, Frances, to the nursing home where her grandpa, David, was staying and the two were finally able to see each other through a window.

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Frances is seen tapping on the window and waving to her husband while his outstretched hand can be seen on the other side.

In order to speak, Frances called into the nursing home where David was able to hear her voice clearly.

“Now we can talk! I love you,” Frances is heard saying tearfully in the video. “It’s so good to see you!”

David was recently put into the nursing home before the pandemic struck. According to Mahood, Frances would visit her husband every day for hours at a time, but that all changed after the virus started to spread throughout the United States.

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“My grandparents had never been apart! 44 days apart and they saw each other for the first time! This is true love,” Mahood’s caption read.

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