'I fought and I fought. I prayed': Georgia state senator battles back after near-death bout with COVID-19

A Georgia state senator is finally at home after a near-death bout with COVID-19.

State Senator Donzella James said she received her positive COVID-19 test on January 20. At the time, she felt fine and thought HR officials from the Capitol had the wrong information, but 48 hours later she says she could hardly walk.

"This has been the real fight of my life. I never imagined I could catch something that would stop me from moving or walking. I was in pain. I could not breathe," the South Fulton Democrat revealed.

Sen. James has chronic bronchitis and asthma and said the virus attacked the weakest part of her body, her respiratory system.

She said she was so sick, she never wants anyone to go through what she did. She remained at Atlanta Medical Center for 3 months. The first 4 days she said she spent in the ER hallway because there were not enough rooms.

"I fought and I fought. I prayed. I did everything the doctors wanted me to do, but I would not let them put me on a ventilator and they tried 3 different times, but I said no," she said.

Senator James was determined and even logged on to Capitol Zoom meetings while in the hospital.

She was so thankful she survived and has a testimony because so many people like her younger sister, who worked at a home for seniors and died in March 2020, did not.

"She passed away and they think it was COVID. She was young and healthy. It was really a shock," Sen. James lamented.

The District 35 senator said when she is strong enough, she plans to fight for a cure for COVID, which will go further than the current vaccines.

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