Hudson, Wis. prom queen with autism escorted by proud brother

Prom night is a big moment for many high schoolers, but for one remarkable young woman, it means so much more.

Surreia Bennett is a student at Hudson High who has autism. First diagnosed 15 years ago, she has come a long way. At the age of 6, she was not able to talk. At the age of 11, she continued to struggle, but now, at 19, she was crowned Prom Queen.

“Every day for about 2 months she talked about being Prom Queen, and she would send people emojis of a crown. I guess that's her way of asking for votes,” her brother and best friend Noah said.

Though Noah and Surreia each had dates, Noah wanted to escort his sister. The pair has been close their entire lives.

“He would just come up alongside her and love her, and teach her, and build this friendship with her. And I really believe it's because of Noah that Surreia's able to do many of the things she's able to do,” their mother, Donna Bennett said.

“I love Surreia. I'd do anything for her. Sometimes, of course, it's hard to do that but it's great it's fine. I'd do anything for her,” Noah said.

As the ceremony ended, the prom court made its way to the buses which would take them to the dance while Surreia's mom reflected on a magical night that her entire family will cherish forever.

“You see something just so beautiful as this. She gets to experience a joy and normalcy of being a Prom Queen. That's pretty cool,” she said.