How to get around downtown Houston for Super Bowl LI

Whether you're on La Branch Street or Avenida De Las Americas, you have probably noticed a few new signs posted. Road closures are already in place as folks start preparing for Super Bowl LI.

"It's crazy and I think they are closing down this street while the Super Bowl promotions and we don't know where we are going to park", says Sarah Lopez.

"Well, it's causing a lot of traffic -- we can't get to pick up our customers, I'm with Uber", says Kathy Minter.

For those of you that live here or are just visiting for the Big Game, there's an app to help you get around.

Houston Super Bowl Host Committee senior director of media relations Kevin Cooper says the Houston Super Bowl app has everything you need, from Uber information to road closures.

"Anything that is within close proximity, La Branch, Polk, which is a main artery to get into main downtown, they are kind of slimming those artery ways but the most important thing that we want to make sure that you have is an alternative, I think a really great place to exit would be Gray Street", says Cooper.

It also gives you times for METRO light rail routes.

"We've don't this before we want Houstonians to know that we are there for them also because there are many people who will be coming into town to enjoy the game and festivities, but there are a lot of people that have to work to make those festivities happen", says Margaret O'Brien-Nelson, METRO media manager.

For Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston in 2014, METRO had already been up and running for about a week and carried about 65,000 fans. For the Final Four in April 2016, more than 250,000 fans rode the light rail, at some points even carrying up to 6,000 passengers each hour.

METRO will offer $3 all-day passes. From Saturday, Jan. 28 until Sunday, Feb. 5, METRO will operate three free Greenlink shuttle routes, specifically, Green, Orange and Silver. There will also be a fourth free shuttle route serving midtown Houston destinations.