How to buy a piece of the Atlanta Braves

If you can’t afford to go to a World Series game, you can instead own a piece of the Atlanta Braves. They are the only team in Major League Baseball that is publicly traded on the stock exchange.  

Realistically, a little bit of stock isn’t going to give you any control over the team, but it will feel good and be a great holiday gift.

Liberty Media Corporation owns the Braves. It’s a publicly traded company under the ticker name BATRK.  Over on Fox Business you can track it. If you bought a share in 2016, it would’ve cost you $16.53. Today it’s worth $29.76. Unless you buy a lot, you’re not getting rich, but it’s a great souvenir. It's cheaper than a ticket or any division championship or World Series clothing.

This could also be a great gift item. And it’s pretty easy to get, Don Wilson the chief investment officer with Brightworth, told the Fox 5 I-Team.

"Probably the easiest is to open a Schwab brokerage account, like a Schwab, a Fidelity, or Robinhood. You can buy it, and it’s only like $30 and it’s, well, a great thing to do."

If you want to take it a step further, you can frame it. Then, when the Braves win the World Series, you can look up and remember that historical day.