How to bring down rising car insurance rates

If you have a vehicle, you are aware that rates are up. In fact, they are up 22 percent over the last year. Inflation is the constant cause for these types of increases, but inflation has cooled. So something else is afoot here with insurance costs.

Rates have been rising steadily for about two years now. Rates tend to go up historically over tickets, adding a new driver or maybe a sports car. According to vehicle pricing trackers, car and truck prices are rising steadily, maybe a dip here and there, but still going up. And what it takes to operate these vehicles means maintenance and repair costs are higher. US stats show that better technology means costs in the last year for that alone are up more than 8 percent. 

So, higher car costs, plus repair costs, equal increased premiums. As a consumer, it’s time to shop around for better rates. 

Get three quotes. Understand what you’re paying for. Does your old car need top coverage? If you raise your deductible, your premium drops. Bundling saves money. Roll the vehicles and the house into one price.

Also, maintaining a good driving record will keep costs down, too, as will a strong credit score.