How about a 'selfie' photo for breakfast?

Imagine if you could take your favorite 'selfie' photo and eat it for breakfast.

Now you can, thanks to Burnt Impressions Inc., which is based in Vermont.

President and CEO Galen Dively launched the customized toaster that imprints your photo on a piece of bread. To order one of those toasters, just send a digital photo to the Burnt Impressions website.

Dively recommends you take a high-resolution image of your entire face on a white background.

The picture is edited in Photoshop and fed to a CNC machine to imprint the image on metal. The $75 toaster comes complete with a full-color decal of your photograph pasted on the front.

We asked Dively if he had ever received any odd requests.

"I can't answer that on-air," Dively said. "I have a couple of photos in my trouble pile."

If you don't want to use a selfie, you have another option called Toast Notes.

Toast Notes lets you create a one-to-three line message with up to five characters each.

Dively said his most popular request is hearts with initial imprints, but so far, no one has requested a marriage proposal imprint.