Houston police launch new #ExposeHate campaign

Houston police are launching a new campaign against hate crimes, which are under-reported on the rise, according to the police chief. The department is teaming up with other groups to help encourage people to report hate crimes.

Clear Channel Communications is joining the campaign with about 20 “#ExposeHate” billboards around the Houston area.

The FBI says hate crimes are becoming more common, but not enough people are reporting them. They’re asking victims to call law enforcement if a crime has been committed based on bias. The FBI says hate itself is not a crime.

The consul general of Mexico in Houston spoke at a press conference with Chief Art Acevedo, telling hate crime victims they can report the crime to the Mexican Consulate if they are afraid to go to police.

“If they have undocumented status, no matter what, they can come to the consulate, and we will be sure that their voice are going to be heard,” said Alicia Kerber-Palma, consul general of Mexico in Houston.

The police chief said victims shouldn’t hesitate to call his office directly, whether or not they are in the U.S. illegally.

“Under my leadership, we’re not interested in someone’s legal status,” said Acevedo. “We’re interested in justice.”


The Anti-Defamation League also spoke at the press conference, encouraging people to use the hashtag #exposehate.