Hottest ticket in town comes with risks of scams

It’s the hottest ticket in town and several Atlanta Falcon fans are hoping to get their hands on tickets for Sunday’s NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers.

Unfortunately with ticket sales, comes ticket scams.

"I think everybody knows somebody that has been burned sometime," said Don Rovak, VP of ticket sales for the Atlanta Falcons. "There's no magical logo, magical print you need to see, it's all about the method that you go about to buy your tickets.”

According to Ticketmaster’s tips on how to identify fake football tickets, whenever possible buy your tickets from official sources.  If you choose to purchase from third party online exchanges, auction sites, bulletin boards or individuals be wary of sellers asking for cashier’s checks or money wires.

Ticketmaster also advises to use websites you know and trust, adding that crooks create websites to look like the box office and the URL can be very similar to the official site making it easy to miss.

Also, Ticketmaster asks that you do not post your tickets on social media because crooks can take these images and create counterfeits.

Craigslist offers some tips as well like know what the genuine tickets should look like and ask for a copy of the sellers ticket invoice.

‪The Falcons take on the Packers Sunday at 3:05 p.m. FOX 5 Atlanta will broadcast the game.

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