Hospital: No more info on mother with Zika or her newborn

HACKENSACK, N.J. (AP) — A Honduran woman with the Zika (ZEE-kuh) virus who gave birth in New Jersey to a baby who appears to be affected by the disease wants privacy.

Hackensack University Medical Center tells The Record newspaper ( ) it won't release any more information about the 31-year-old mother or her baby.

The infant was delivered premature by cesarean section on Tuesday.

An ultrasound last week revealed birth defects, including microcephaly (my-kroh-SEF'-uh-lee), in which the baby's head is smaller than expected because the brain hasn't developed properly.

A doctor on Wednesday said the baby looks "completely Zika-affected," but confirmation of the virus in the infant is pending testing.

A baby in Hawaii was born with microcephaly related to Zika earlier this year.


Information from: The Record (Woodland Park, N.J.),