Hosea Helps holds annual Christmas dinner

A community feast brought hundreds of our neighbors together on Christmas Day. The goal was to help those in need. The effort is important each and every day.

Hosea Helps said in addition to the thousands of meals served, volunteers delivered 4,000 to the sick and shut-in. It's the spirit of mankind on display.

“You have people from the rich to the poor serving and volunteering that’s a beautiful thing that represents our city well,” said Afemo Omilami of Hosea Helps.

This is the 49th year for Hosea Helps Christmas Day Festival Services. Some 1,500 volunteers gathered to help those who need a boost. About 10,000 meals served.

“The poor are hidden, they’re hidden away in apartment complexes, the Latino population, and the immigrant population we serve,” said Elisabeth Omilami of Hosea Helps.

But on this Christmas, they get help.

“We have clothing, we have toys and books supplies, we have, of course, the food, but also fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Volunteers took to the kitchen on Tuesday to prepare the Christmas feast. Organizers said the effort benefits those who often go unnoticed. Many who've simply fallen on hard times.

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“We have seen more families living in their cars than ever we have three families here today that we took from their cars to put in hotels this week.”

But, this day is about giving, helping, loving, and caring for neighbors.

Doctors and nurses were on hand to provide free check-ups to those who needed them. Stylists helped at hair washing stations.

Anyone who missed Wednesday's event, but would like to support Hosea Helps, can make a donation using CashApp username "$HOSEAHELPS".