Homeowners speak out against waste transfer station in their community

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It was a packed house Thursday night at a Loganville church as hundreds turned out against a solid waste transfer station setting up shop in their community.

Homeowners from numerous subdivisions and HOA’s came together at Graystone Church to unite their efforts against the WTS.

Organizer Larry Rose, the HOA president at the Kensington Forest subdivision, spoke to the capacity crowd from the stage.

“Everybody wants to say ‘not in my backyard’ but this is not ‘not in my backyard’ situation. This is a ‘not in anybody’s backyard,’” said Rose

The church is on Ozora Road where banners against a proposed 50-acre solid waste transfer station have sprung up at many corners and subdivisions.

“Just about sixty subdivisions are participating in this event somehow. So we are getting the word out and it’s really picking up momentum,” said Rose.

He said 400 signs were being distributed along with four thousand fliers already passed out and dozens of T-shirts being sold.

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Participants said the end game is to convince the Gwinnett County Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners to give the project a thumbs down.

“This is what we think the County commissioners are going to be interested in and we have to have a united front as far as what we what we want them to know and what we want answers to,” said Eddie Sellers, who lives in the Harbin’s Ridge subdivision

For many the proposed site buts up against back yards, for others rezoning of the area from residential to industrial represents bigger challenges involving traffic, schools and more.

“So many schools and so many kids, in my opinion, it makes no sense and there’s no advantage for the county in this area,” said Ashley Smith who lives in the Willow Wind Park subdivision.

Another big concern is a potential drop in property values if the waste transfer station is approved.

There were lots of concerns and lots of people who pledge to have one voice.

“Let’s send a message that this is important to us,” said Rose to the capacity crowd.

Gwinnett County Planning Commission Chair Chuck Warbington attended the meeting. He told FOX 5 News he was impressed with the size of the crowd and its commitment and that the proposal will follow due process.

The Gwinnett County Planning Commission Meeting is scheduled to take place on July second. Many at the church meeting pledged to attend the meeting in force.