Homeowners: Dogs attacked, killed their livestock

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Homeowners in Jasper County are concerned after they said two vicious dogs attacked and killed their livestock.

“It looked like a massacre, there was blood everywhere,” said Justin Hudgins who saw the dogs.

Hudgins came out of his home Wednesday morning to tend to his two goats and donkey, but the animals were not waiting as they usually do.

“As I got a little closer to the fence, I realized one of the goats looked like he was sleeping here, but come to find out he was deceased,” said Justin.

Justin's wife said the goats and donkey had been attacked in their throats and what was even more concerning is that the animals were not eaten, making them believe the dogs were in it just for the kill.

“Usually when you see something from a coyote or a dog that is hungry they come to eat and that was not the case because these animals were left to die after they had been attacked," said Amanda Hudgins.

Justin said as he was trying to figure out what had attacked his animals, when he heard a commotion coming from his neighbor’s pond.

“When I pulled down to the pond, noticed there were two dogs in the lake and they had a sheep and they were attacking the sheep,” said Justin.

Justin said in addition to his two goats and donkey, the dogs also killed two of his neighbor’s sheep. He described the dogs as a dark brown pit bull with a black collar and the other dog as a short hair black Lab mix.

Hudgins who have two sons are concerned the dogs are capable of attacking children and are raising awareness in their neighborhood near the Jackson Lake Road and Turtle Cove area.

“What are they going to do of it is someone's child, I don’t want it to be mine and I do not want it to be theirs,  we want to make it known to the community so that no one has to bury their child like we had to bury our animals,” said Amanda.


Null “It looked like a massacre, there was blood everywhere.” -- Justin Hudgins


The family contacted Jasper County Animal Control who provided them with traps.

The Hudgins said if these dogs have owners, they want them to know they are not upset, but just want them to be aware of what happened.

If you have any information, contact the Jasper County Animal Control.