Homeowner says burglars broke into home while they slept

Brazen burglars broke into an East Atlanta home while the homeowners were asleep. They said the crooks took electronics, a purse, and even a drink out of their refrigerator.

“It sounded like a light thud and a couple of footsteps and then I saw one of my cats come into the room looking spooked,” said Sidney Brinson.

That's what Brinson said happened right after her alarm went off around 3 a.m. Wednesday. Moments later, she realized she was a victim of a home break-in.

“I went for my purse and noticed my purse wasn’t there and then I looked to see if it was in my laptop bag and that wasn’t there,” said Brinson.

Some raspberry-flavored water was also missing from the fridge.

Brinson believes the robbing crew got into her home through this kitchen window.

“They removed the screen and all these items including a glass,” said Brinson.

First, they had to get up a deck, 15 feet from the ground without steps.

“They may have boosted someone up onto this ledge,” said Brinson.

Earlier this month, Atlanta Police said someone broke into a house and stole a dog. They found the pet, but officers were still looking for the thief as of Wednesday.

Weeks earlier, they shared surveillance from break-ins on Portland and Van Vleck avenues.

FOX 5’s Marissa Mitchell reached out to APD about Brinson's case, the other burglaries, and if there's a spike in these type of crimes in the area. They responded with a statement which read in part: “At this time, it is too early to tell if this residential burglary is related to any others that have occurred in recent weeks in East Atlanta. However, we are looking into all possibilities.”

“That just seems really lucky because I normally don't have an alarm set for that time,” said Brinson. “What it means for us is that we want to make sure that people who this could be even worse for know about it.”