Home invaders who scared man who jumped from balcony causing his death, convicted

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The Fulton County District Attorneys Office announced felony murder convictions for the suspects who broke into a man's home and scared him to the point he jumped from a balcony to his death.

Frederick Clark, 23, Mark Spencer, 23, and Lil' Che Stafford, 22, broke into Jose Greer's southwest Atlanta apartment on December 8, 2015. Greer was on the phone with a 911 operator and standing on the balcony on the third floor of his apartment. He told the 911 operator he was going to jump from the balcony to get away from the intruders.

The three robbers then stole several items from Greer's apartment including his debit card, laptop, and iPhone. Greer was laying on the ground, injured and asked the thieves for help as they left his apartment, but the robbers stepped over the dying man, according to authorities. 

Two other suspects, Vas Coleman, 18, and Maxx Pritchett, 22, waited outside in a car during the robbery. 

Stafford and Coleman sold Greer's laptop and iPhone at a nearby electronics repair store.

An Atlanta Police officer found Greer lying on the ground still alive, but he died the next day from blunt-force injuries.

Spencer and Stafford were convicted of felony murder and burglary and sentenced to life in prison. Pritchett, Clark, and Coleman await trail in the Fulton Superior Court on the same charges.