Hit-and-run puts 13-year-old student-athlete in hospital

For days, a 13-year-old has been in the hospital undergoing surgery because of a hit-and-run in his father’s Dacula neighborhood.

The boy just got out of the hospital Friday, but his family says that’s just the first step toward justice. The second step would be finding the driver who put 13-year-old Korey Bishop in the hospital.

"He’s a football player, a basketball player. This year in middle school he was trying to run track. That won’t be able to happen," Korey's mother, Raymona Brown said.

She says he typically has a competitive spirit.

"My son is an athlete. At this point I think it’s affecting his mental. He’s like, 'Mommy, why me?'" Brown explained.

Injuries can shake even the toughest players, but the 13-year-old isn’t in a wheelchair because of a bad collision on the field. Rather, just before Father’s Day weekend, a car struck him, while he was riding his dirt bike at his dad’s house.

"The minivan was coming up so fast. She saw my son. He saw her. My son said he couldn’t move over in time. So she hit my son and left the scene," Brown said.

It’s been a chaotic few days for his parents. His mom lives in Tennessee and received a terrifying phone call. 

"I get a call. I hear an ambulance. He’s crying. I’m five hours away wondering what’s wrong with my child. He said Korey’s been hit by a car," she remembered.

The accident sent him to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egelston where he’s had two surgeries in 3 days. A third could be on the way as family begs the community to give Gwinnett police tips about the driver who didn’t stop.

"When she left the scene she left her license plate and bumper," Brown said.

Gwinnett County police say they’re investigating. If you know anything about who might have been behind the wheel, give them a call.