Hillgrove High School theft: Community response 'overwhelming'

When thieves stole sports equipment from a local high school, the community took action. Cobb County School officials say thieves stole baseball equipment from Hillgrove High School. Word of the theft spread quickly, and the community stepped in to make sure the school’s baseball team had the equipment they needed to play ball. 

"Somebody broke in and stole a bunch of equipment from the kids. It's awful," said Chris Furnish, whose children went to Hillgrove.

Hillgrove High School baseball equipment stolen

The theft at Hillgrove High School in Powder Springs was discovered on Saturday morning. 

Cobb County School officials confirmed the fieldhouse was broken into over the weekend. Several items that belonged to the Hillgrove High baseball team were stolen. That includes players' bats, gloves, bags, and sunglasses.

"You just never think something like this is going to happen. I mean, what do people need with used baseball equipment? It's unfortunate," said Jason Hoage, who has two kids who go to Hillgrove. 

"It's tough because you try to get nice things for your sons and players and someone just comes in and vandalizes and takes everything, it's tough," said Furnish.

Community rallies after thieves steal high school sports equipment

The community wasn't going to let this slide. They stepped up to the plate and in no time had enough donations to cover the cost of the stolen equipment. 

Cobb County Schools released a statement that reads: 

"Over the weekend, Hillgrove's field house was broken into, and several items were stolen. The Cobb Police are investigating. The response from the Hillgrove community and the baseball community across Cobb has been overwhelming. Most of the stolen equipment was replaced within 24 hours". 

"Good community we live in around here, people help everybody out, we help each other out," said Furnish. 

Many say they weren't surprised to see the community rally around the team, and they were impressed that all the gear was replaced in less than a day. 

"That's phenomenal, I didn't think 24 hours, but hey, glad to see it happen," said Hoage. 

Police say the investigation is still ongoing and at this point no one has been arrested for the theft.