Here’s your first look inside Georgia Aquarium’s new shark exhibit

It’s been 45 years since Steven Spielberg’s Jaws opened in movie theatres, cementing the perception of sharks as terrifying, malevolent creatures from the deep.  But there’s far more to these fascinating animals than what you’ve seen on the big screen — and there’s no better way to learn about them than visiting Georgia Aquarium’s newest gallery.

We spent the morning at Georgia Aquarium, getting a special preview of SHARKS! Predators of the Deep.  The new 185-foot-long gallery features several species of sharks, visible through what the aquarium calls state-of-the-art, floor-to-ceiling acrylic viewing windows.  Those species range from the unusual and endangered great hammerhead shark — with its incredible hammer-shaped head (hence the name, of course) — to the sand tiger shark,  the only shark which actually swims to the water’s surface to gulp air, helping to regulate its buoyancy.

According to staffers at Georgia Aquarium, the new shark gallery is a perfect representation of the facility’s mission inspire, educate, and entertain; they say a large focus on the gallery is to highlight the threat imposed upon sharks by humans, and why the animals are so vital to oceans.

So…ready to come face-to-face with a shark?  SHARKS! Predators of the Deep is set to open on Friday, October 23rd.    Georgia Aquarium is currently open to visitors, although tickets are only available online and must be bought in advance.  Temperature scans are also taking place the entrance, and masks are required for guests ages three and older.  For more information on visiting Georgia Aquarium click here — and click the video player to get a look inside SHARKS! Predators of the Deep