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Henry County police said in the past two weeks, three victims have fallen prey to a thief, but they added, all of it could have been avoided, if people had been more cautious at gas stations.

Police are hoping to identify the young man seen in surveillance video. Police said it started out, where he was taking belongings out of cars, but now he has stolen a car and they don't want to see what he may do next.

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Police said the man backed into a parking spot and just waited. He then walked over to an 18-wheeler and grabs a bag through the open passenger door. He then throws that bag into his car.

“He's going in and he's looking for crimes of opportunity. Individuals who leave their cars unlocked,” said Captain Mike Ireland, Henry County Police Department.

Captain Ireland said after the theft, he hit a gas station in McDonough where he got a handgun, but it did not stop there.

“Same care, dressed in same clothes with the hoody, and brown cargo pants,” said Capt. Ireland.

This time the man did not go in the store, but seconds later, in pulls the victim.

“Delivery person came up to QT, parked vehicle, went inside for less than two minutes to deliver paper and this individual just went in car and took entire car,” said the captain.

Police later found the car abandoned on Interstate 75. Capt. Ireland said people have a false sense of security and need to pay attention even when there are other people around

“When you go to the QT, we know it's a pretty busy place. It might seem like someone is not going to target you but they will. Only thing they need is a small amount of time to do that, so lock your car doors, turn your engine off, take your keys with you and make sure you secure your vehicle,” said Capt. Ireland.

Police believe he is targeting gas stations in close proximity to Interstate 75. 

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