Henry County officer caught on camera playing ball with neighborhood kids

A call to the Henry County Police Department about teenagers loitering turned into something positive.

The call came in on Monday evening. Officer Dunson responded to the call earlier this week here in the Summit Neighborhood in McDonough. The body camera video shows exactly what happened when he showed up.

“It's just and they're not doing anything but it's about 14 kids on the other side of the street just sitting on the sidewalk,” the officer can be heard telling dispatch.

Officer Drew Dunson showed up and did something the group of about two dozen teenagers didn't expect. He joined in and started tossing the ball around.

Jayla Clark lives down the street and saw it happen.

“I saw that he was playing football with them, so I was like ‘Awww, that's so sweet.’ So, I actually just went around to go to the house, but I thought that was really sweet. I feel like more stuff like that should be happening in the neighborhood,” Clark said.

The interaction only lasted about five minutes before Officer Dunson had to hit the road again.

The Henry County Police Department said they've always trained and encouraged their officers to build positive relationships with the community. They say Dunson’s brief game of catch is what they want to see from their officers

A neighbor posted the video of Officer Dunson playing ball with the teenager on Facebook. That post has been shared more than 400 times.