Heavy hearts: High school honors teen during basketball game

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A close-knit community came together Wednesday night after a crash that killed one teen and injured three others.

The crash happened Tuesday afternoon along Old Orange Mill Road near Canton. Cherokee County investigators said the car the teens were in went off of the road and crashed into a tree about a mile from Creekview High School.

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Steve Smith, a 17-year-old passenger in the car, died at the scene. Smith was a senior at the high school.

Chase Burr and driver Fred Engamba, both 17, as well as a 15-year-old in the car were also injured in the crash.

The school postponed basketball games last night but held those games Wednesday evening with a strong sense of a community and a moment of silence.

The Creekview Grizzlies Cheerleaders ditched their school colors in favor of red T-shirts during the girls’ basketball game. All to put school spirit on display and honor Smith, whose life was cut short.

When the boys team took to the hardwood, they tapped a special place, a heart put down to honor Smith.

“He was a good guy, everyone loved him... He had good energy he was good at track too it's gonna be a loss,” said sophomore Nickolaus Stewart.

Those in the stands wore different hues of red. It's was the teen's favorite color.

These sophomores told FOX 5’s Kerry Charles it's been an emotionally exhausting day.

“Everybody was really down, but at the same time there's kind of an uplifting spirit because everybody wanted to make sure he was honored,” said sophomore Chase Wright.

“Everybody's going to be sad for a while. It's going to be really depressing for a while,” said sophomore Landon Brown.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the crash.

Service plans for 17-year-old Steve Smith have not yet been released.

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