He Is Legend's Schuylar Croom talks about upcoming show in Atlanta

EDITOR'S NOTE: We caught up with Schuylar Croom at a McDonald's on the road, where he hilariously got booted from the break room during our chat! The band was en route to their next gig in San Antonio. Sorry about the audio glitches—guess McWi-Fi wasn’t lovin’ it. Watch the full interview above!

Cheers to Southern rock!

He Is Legend is coming to Atlanta on the first leg of their tour "I Am Hollyweird" with Codeseven. They’ll be performing never-before-seen tracks from their recent album Endless Hallway for their 20th anniversary as an underground rock band. 

"Atlanta is one of our favorites," said Schuyler Croom, the lead singer. "The Masquerade, even the Drunken Unicorn, has always been a home. Everyone is always so nice, and we love Slutty Vegan."

The southern rock band started in 2003 through mutual friends at a high school in Wilmington, North Carolina. The five original band members included Croom, lead guitarist Adam Tanbouz, rhythm guitarist McKenzie Bell, bassist Matt Williams, and drummer Steven Bache. 

Despite their breakup in 2009 and makeup in 2014, the North Carolina friends turned brothers are closer than ever. "If someone was a fly on the wall, they’d think me and Matt were a married couple. I’ve known most of these people more than others my whole life."

The name of the tour, "I Am Hollyweird," is related to their debut in 2004. The EP titled 91025 features a track titled "I Am Hollywood." Shortly after, they also released a full-length album also titled "I Am Hollywood."

"Our career is an odd story," said the North Carolina rockstar. "The fans know how strange our story is, and how we wanted to distance ourselves from the sound of ‘I Am Hollywood.’"

The intimate relationship between He Is Legend and its fans have not only fostered through an unconventional start but also thrived with a "comic-like" universe. Trilogies like "China White" follow specific characters on a "bogeyman-trope" adventure. 

"It is a little nerdy, but it’s for my people that love it," said Croom. "Fans create whole threads on websites that inspire me to keep the universe going."

The first leg of the Hollyweird universe was cut short by an unfortunate illness. A couple of the band members caught food poisoning on the road, causing them to cancel both Fresno and Los Angeles tour dates. 

"I made them do the B.R.A.T. (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) diet." The singer also brought liquid IVs and tons of water to his bandmates. "The key was hydration."

The remedy proved to be quick. He Is Legend went back on tour just two days later and continued celebrating their 20th anniversary with Codeseven. 

"I feel grateful for our underground, cult-like, hush-hush following. I’m 41 years old, turning gray, and meeting 12-year-old fans who love our music," said Croom. "We listened to Codeseven in high school. Everything has to mean we’re doing something right.

The Deftones-inspired band stresses the importance of anyone enjoying their concerts. Their music has tones of hip-hop and country.

"Music can bring everyone together regardless of race, creed, politics, ideations," said the lead vocalist. "One sound can capture the world. I believe in its healing qualities.

See He Is Legend perform live only at The Loft in downtown Atlanta (previously scheduled for Purgatory at The Masquerade) on June 7. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the show starts at 7. Atlanta is one of the last stops on the first leg of the "I Am Hollyweird" tour. Bring your sweat towels!

Editor's Note: The venue has changed since the interview. Please note the change. All previously purchased tickets will still be honored at the new venue.