HAPPENING: Bastrop County signs disaster declaration, 9 homes lost

Last updated at 10:33 PM, Oct. 14

BASTROP, Texas— The Bastrop County Judge, Paul Pape, has signed a disaster deceleration for the county due to the growing 3,500-acre fire. Nine homes have been confirmed lost-- addresses are being verified at this time. 

Bastrop County officials say the Hidden Pines Fire has grown larger than expected, and they suspect 2,000 acres will be affected by Wednesday night. Officials are lowering the containment of the Hidden Pines Fire to 10 percent (down from 50 percent) due to the growth today. 

The Texas A&M Forest Service says up to 100 homes remain threatened-- in the latest ‪wildfire update. The fires have burned through 3,500 acres in, both, Williamson and Bastrop Counties, according to the Bastrop Police Department.

Mike Fischer, EM Coordinator for Bastrop County, said it will be days before the fire comes to an end. “I don’t see the end of this anytime soon.”

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Fischer announced during a press conference Wednesday evening that a call for help has been made and nearly 12 to 15 firefighter agencies will become involved with containing the fire. The county has called for help from other cities and states.

"There’s just so much a firefighter can do without getting themselves hurt,” Fischer said.

Bastrop County is currently accepting volunteers to help with evacuees. Currently, 14 people have been placed in a shelter, according to officials. Plenty of room is still available. The Austin Humane Society also needs support to save animals affected by the fires.  

Officials have not released a confirmed number on how many residents have been evacuated due to the fire. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to visit the fire area Thursday morning.

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