Habitat for Humanity takes part in Women Build Week

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Women across the country are picking up their hammers and going to work.

This week is National Women Build Week, it's part of Habitat for Humanity's effort to educate the world about their mission to build affordable housing for those who need it.

Dozens of women kicked off the week with a girls night out build in Woodstock. "Women are able to use their skills, new or otherwise, to help build affordable homes across the nation," said Allison Mann with Habitat for Humanity.  

Each year the event brings women together to help support Habitat's mission and pick up some skills a long the way. In the parking lot of the Lowe's in Woodstock, women got together and completed the framing of a home.  "It gives women an opportunity to build and be in an environment that's safe and comfortable, because it's all women that one week, and they don't feel intimidated or overshadowed by men," said Pati Ferrie of Lowe's who teamed up with Habitat for the event.
Some of the women are brand new to the construction world, others have been building for decades.  Marianne Pieper is working on her 26th Habitat house.  She says she's always learning something new. "Today I made a mistake and used the wrong kind of mails, so I'm going to have to pay more attention to the nails!" said Pieper.

Side by side, the women are putting in the sweat and muscle to build a home for people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford one.  They're changing lives, one nail at a time.