Gwinnett County police on the lookout for bold porch bandit

A Gwinnett County woman said she reviewed her home surveillance video and was shocked to see a bold thief taking several packages off her front doorstep, Christmas gifts she had purchased for her family.

Kafilat Oseni told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes, "This woman pulled up in the car. She stole all the packages. She went back to her car. Gets back in the car and drives off."

Oseni was at work when she received a Ring app notification that several packages had been delivered to her residence near Lawrenceville Tuesday afternoon.

She arrived home to find all her packages were gone. Oseni moved into the community about a year ago and said this is a first.

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"During the holidays, I have so many packages coming through and I'm extremely on guard, just kind of nervous to know someone was bold enough to run up to my front door and grab all my packages and run off," Oseni said.

Gwinnett County Police Corporal Collin Flynn said package theft is a crime of opportunity and porch bandits are out in force this time of year. He encourages the public to install security cameras and leave instructions for delivery drivers as a deterrent.

"Identify where you would like the package to be delivered. It might be a good idea to have the package put behind a pillar or hidden behind a bush", said Flynn.

Cpl. Flynn encourages victims to file a police report and share any surveillance video with the police.

"We've begun placing a lot of that video on social media. We have had some success in the past of placing some of the videos on social media, taken from these doorbell cameras, putting it on our social media platforms and people have identified some of the suspects," Flynn said.

Gwinnett County police are asking anyone who recognizes the woman who took Oseni's packages to give them a call.

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