Gwinnett mom fighting flesh-eating bacteria released from ICU

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A Dacula mother who contracted flesh-eating bacteria is celebrating a major milestone in her fight.  Cindy Martinez moved from intensive care to a rehabilitation center over the weekend.

I'm just grateful to see that she's one step closer to being able to come home and be with the kids and try to get back to living her life again," said David Martinez, Cindy'shusband.

The couple have two children--David, 6, and Bianca, 2. hey have only been able to visit their mother a few times since she was hospitalized in late May with pain in her shoulder blade. They made a special visit this past weekend.

"They gave her hugs, they gave her kisses and it was great to see them you know, together again," Martinez shared.

Cindy Martinez has undergone multiple surgeries since May, including amputation of both her feet, one of her hands and some fingers. She will now go through the process of getting prosthetic limbs.  Martinez said recovery will take time because his wife has been in bed for two months and has difficulty just sitting up.

According to her husband, Martinez will be in the rehab center for at least a month as she learns how to walk and use her prosthetics.

"I just can't wait. I'm eager to see what's gonna happen and I'm excited," said Martinez. "And I want to say thank you. Thank you again to everyone." 

The family has received prayers and get well cards from all over the country. They also have a GoFundMe page for people who wish to help financially: