Gwinnett County superintendent steps down from board amid controversy

Dr. Calvin Watts will take over as the head of the state's largest public school district. (Photo courtesy of GCPS)

Superintendent Dr. Calvin J. Watts over Gwinnett County Public Schools recently announced his departure from the Board of Directors for Cognia. This comes amid a controversy about Watts accepting the position in the first place.

In May, Watts joined the nine-member board. Parents in the district raised a concern then that his service on the board was a direct violation to the contract he signed as GCPS superintendent.

Article I, Section 10 of Watt's contract says, "The superintendent shall not seek or accept employment, remuneration or an honorarium in any private business or other commercial enterprise during the term of this contract without first seeking approval of the board."

At first, Watts defended his new position. In a statement, he maintained it would not be a conflict of interest with his current duties overseeing the district.

Now, he says he's stepping down, "solely because of the distraction this particular professional opportunity has caused in our district."

His official statement was posted to the GCPS website.