Gwinnett County school bus driver honored as ‘Hidden Hero’ for saving student’s life

A Gwinnett County school bus driver received an uplifting surprise.

The county's Rotary Club presented her with a $500 "Hidden Hero" award.

Not only did Delisa Belt fight to save her own life, when she beat cancer a few years back, but her intuition could be the reason why one of her students is alive and healthy today.

If you were to ask Belt how she feels about public recognition, she probably wouldn't have much to say, but when it comes the high school students who step onto her bus, she speaks freely.

"You need to know your students. Speak to them on the bus every morning, and they’ll open up," she said. "Even if they don’t open up at home they’ll open up to you."

Thursday, Gwinnett County's Rotary Club gathered a group of Duluth school bus drivers to thank them for the often thankless work they do.

"We all trust our drivers to take our children to school each and every day and to bring them home. Our kids are in their care," community service chair, Mike Fulton said.

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A Gwinnett County school bus driver received an uplifting surprise for saving the life of one of the children she takes to school daily. (FOX 5)

Belt has worked with Gwinnett County Schools for the past 7 years. In that time, she was diagnosed with and defeated lung cancer. She's driven students to school and back for almost two decades.

One day last year, she noticed one of the children was not themselves and called for help.

Though she’s too humble to admit it, she knows her role is indispensable.

The "Hidden Hero" Award is an annual token of appreciate from the Rotary Club of Gwinnett County. It's been handed out for the past 10 years.