Gwinnett County police search for 'wallet skimming' suspect

Gwinnett County police warn people to keep a close eye on their debit and credit cards around the Dacula area.

Investigators said a woman seen in an image released by police created phony credit cards which she used to steal money from a victim even though he was in possession of his cards.

Police said she used a forged card at the Kroger on Braselton Highway to buy lower priced items five times last month then got back $100 on each transaction.

Investigators said they have seen more and more cases of crooks using skimmers.

Police will try to determine how many other victims could be involved in this case.

They hope a $2,000 Crime Stoppers reward leads to tips to identify this woman.

Anyone with information is asked to give Crime Stoppers a call. Tipsters can remain anonymous.