Gwinnett County Police search for hit-and-run driver

There is a wall of photos at the Moseley household with cherished memories of a son and brother gone too soon, 24-year-old Scott Moseley.

"He'd spent the day with friends and had a great day at the lake and was on his way home," said Jon Moseley, Scott's father.

Police said on his way back from Lake Lanier, Scott hit the median while making a turn on his motorcycle from Camp Branch Road to Gravel Springs Road early around 12:45 Sunday morning. Investigators also said that while Scott was down with injuries he was struck and killed by a hit and run driver.

His parents told FOX 5 News that Scott's uncle later spoke to the first witness who called 911 before Scott was hit by the vehicle.

"The first witness made the phone call and then the phone was knocked out of his hand," said Meg Moseley, Scott's mother.

She said the witness told Scott's uncle the phone was knocked away by the hit-and-run vehicle.

Police said the driver may not have realized he or she had struck something. Scott's father and mother believe otherwise.

"I think they did because there were flashing lights, there were people standing in the roadway," said Meg Moseley.

Police said evidence points to an early 90's dark-colored Honda Accord as the hit and run vehicle.

"Scott lived his life every moment," said Meg Moseley.

The Moseley's said their son Scott was home school and had a deep connection to his church, family and friends.

"I'd hate to live with that on my conscious for the rest of my life so please turn yourself in," said Meg Moseley.

Scott Moseley's parents said his funeral is Thursday.

Gwinnett County Police are asking anyone with any information to give them a call.

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