Gwinnett County man victim of home invasion

A Gwinnett County man was recently the victim of a crime. Police said an armed robber broke into his house and pistol whipped him repeatedly before taking 20 minutes to go through his house for valuables.

The homeowner said he is still living in fear. He said he doesn’t think it was random, but there were others in the home that night. They, however, do think this was random. The homeowner has asked not to reveal his name.

This Gwinnett County man said he’s taking it day by day. He said he is still traumatized from what happened over the weekend when a masked gunman broke into his Indian Way home in Lilburn.

The gunman, who was wearing a hoodie, was covered except for his face. The victim said he was armed with two handguns. The gunman threatened the homeowner, his sister, a family friend, and his elderly mother, all while his 8-year-old nephew lay on the couch.

“All they were looking for was $100,” he said adding that the gunman said he was from New York and needed the money to get back home.

The homeowner said it was just after midnight Saturday when the gunman came through their open garage door and into the kitchen before going to his bedroom where he slept. That’s where he was pistol whipped.

In fact, despite being pistol whipped, the homeowner said the gunman while armed was nice and considerate, keeping his voice down to keep from waking the little boy sleeping in the living room.

The victim said after he came to from the pistol whipping, the gunman ransacked his room and took what he could, including the flat screen TV. At one point, he was sure the gunman was going to kill him. 

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