FOUND: Gwinnett County man reported missing during hike on volcano in Guatemala

The search is now over for a Gwinnett County man who reportedly disappeared while hiking Volcán de Acatenango in Guatemala on May 21. His sister spoke to FOX 5 about the efforts to find him.

Zain Waliany, 26, was hiking with a friend when the two decided to split up during the difficult hike to the summit of the volcano. 

"The last time we had a location, I want to say, was 8 a.m. on May 21," said Emen Walianay, Zain’s sister. 

The two men were in contact initially until their phones died. The friend was able to return to base camp, but Zain did not return.

"I’m trying to think positive. I'm trying to think. I'm going to get a result as soon as possible," said Zain’s sister. 

The friend reportedly waited for Zain for about three hours at the base camp before driving to a nearby store and calling the police. Since then, there have been organized searches, and dogs have been deployed to assist with the search, according to family friend Emma Braxton. 

"Super worried because it’s three days he doesn’t have food; he doesn’t have water," his sister said. 

An overnight hike on Volcán de Acatenango is considered a must-do for most adventure travelers in Guatemala. The volcano is 13,041 feet tall and offers a unique vantage point to witness the nearby highly active Fuego Volcano. Waliany's last known altitude was 12,700 feet, according to his last screenshot.

"He was really, really excited," she said.

The hike is considered demanding because of its steep incline, according to Pina Travels. It's known for challenging both experienced and inexperienced hikers. 

"I slowly got worried, and then all of a sudden, I get text and they’re like, ‘Hey, Zain is missing,’" she said. 

Because of its height and altitude, sickness is likely, and temperatures drop the higher you go. The final hour of the hike is considered the toughest because, at that point, it is mostly volcanic sand instead of solid ground.

"My brother said he wanted to go higher up on the mountain and his friend wanted to stay low ‘I'm kind of tired,’" she explained. "His friend and him separated." 

His sister said he called her on Tuesday. 

"He was like, ‘I'm going to go hiking.’ And I was like, 'OK,’" she said. 

"His friend came back down, reported it," she said. 

The hike is usually broken into two parts. Hikers spend day one hiking to base camp, which takes about six hours. The next day, usually before 4 a.m., hikers head for the summit in hopes of watching Volcán Fuego erupt as the sun rises.

"What we’re really hoping for is for drones or helicopters to be sent, so we can have more access to the area," she said. 

A GoFundMe was established to raise money for Zain's search. The funds were reportedly needed for search parties, drones and helicopters, reward money, and other expenses.

On Saturday afternoon, Zain's sister reached out to FOX 5 Atlanta to confirm her brother had been rescued and taken to a hospital.

"I was just so thankful because I haven't slept in days, I haven't eaten in days – neither has my family," his sister said. "Now that there's peace, he's coming home. We're just kind of settling back. It just feels really nice. It's like, ‘Thank God he’s back.'"