Gwinnett County family turns heartbreaking loss into lesson for high schoolers

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A Gwinnett County family has turned their grief into a tough lesson for young people after their lives changed forever because of a drunk driver three years ago. 

"It's a forever reminder that we have a job to do," said Melvin Chandler, who lost is 26-year-old daughter, Jennifer Moss, in the 2013 car wreck. 

Jennifer's husband, Michael Moss, was the one behind the wheel. He was charged with DUI. 

The Chandlers decided to forgive their son-in-law and have supported him throughout his rehab and legal drama. 

Moss was facing up to 20 years in prison, but when he went before a judge he was instead sentenced to 1,500 hours of telling his story. Now, he speaks to young kids and shares the dangers of drug and alcohol, which he said is more difficult than spending any time behind bars. 

FOX 5 was there as Moss spoke to students at Archer High School Thursday morning.  

Adding to the heartbreak, the Chandlers buried Jennifer's twin sister, Heather, just six months before the accident.