Gunshot Victim Gives Praise to Atlanta Police for a Quick Arrest, But also for Saving His Life

Michael Lash laughed when told by a reporter that he looked good -- with his face having no scars -- so dealing with a couple of bullet holes in both legs should be no big deal.

It is an indication of the northwest homeowner's attitude about a very serious crime that he could take a light moment while lying in a bed with nerve pain to one of the two legs.

He is happy to hear police officers caught the man they believed shot him and terrorized his wife during last Sunday night's home invasion. But the arrest is not the only reason he has something good to say about the zone two officers who serve his neighborhood.

When Lash was shot, officers got to him well before the Grady first responders. With blood flowing from both legs, two officers propped him up to regulate blood flow. They also instructed his wife to go get a belt so they could apply pressure on the wounds.

Lash's father in law, Tim Huffman, said they saved his life.