Guns stolen from DeKalb County townhome

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A Marine Corps veteran showed FOX 5 News a photo of the assault rifle he says was stolen from his family's home last week.

"We are a retired military in this family, so we have an arsenal of weapons. Guns are in our DNA, so to know that young men out there have an assault rifle and a double-barrel shotgun is really disturbing. So, many of these kids don't value life and I would just hate for these guns to end up being used in a crime," said the veteran who asked us not to use his name.

The veteran told FOX 5's Portia Bruner he and his brother have grown accustomed to the break-ins at their Wellington Circle home over the years, but the recent break-in is much more frustrating. He said pictures they've recovered captured one of the suspected thieves in the vacant house next door.

"Through that picture, we can see them in the house wearing my brother shorts his flip flops and there's a bag that belongs to my brother full of his items in the picture. They even took some of my brother's designer underwear. I just can't believe these guys," said the vet who goes by the nickname "Gunny."

The veteran showed FOX 5 News the bullet hole in the back of the house that said wasn't here before the burglary.

"A lot of times what they do around here is just fire a single shot into the house to see if anybody comes running out period of nobody's there, they break into the house," he said.

He said they kicked in the back door before rummaging through the kitchen a d took two flatscreen televisions and two powerful weapons. He said DeKalb County Police have the photos of the suspected thieves and are doing what they can to solve the crime.

"I know they have to do with this kind of stuff every day and there are a lot of things out there, but these guns are dangerous when I would just feel responsible have someone was hurt with one of our weapons," he said as they stood outside of the home on Wellington Circle.