Guns and gas masks: People stocking up as protests rock the country

When the coronavirus pandemic first hit, people started buying guns and face masks. Now as protests rock the country, people are still buying guns, but they also want gas masks and body armor.

At TruPrep in Cobb County, owner Matthew Deloach says people are racing in to buy guns and tactical gear.

"We've had a hard time keeping body armor on the shelves and gas masks. The last 3 or 4 days we've really seen traffic pick up, the most busy days we've ever had," said DeLoach.

DeLoach says some want the masks and armor as protection while they're at the demonstrations. They've seen violence break out with people throwing bottles and rocks and clouds of tear gas. Others want to have personal security on hand just in case they need it.

"Anytime you see something that makes you question your security and wonder 'What if this happened in my neighborhood? And you wonder what am I going to do? Do I have the defense'?" said DeLoach.

This is the second spike in business TruPrep has seen this year. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit people started stocking up on guns, masks, and other supplies.

"Anything that could be a preparedness item, including food and water filtration. People think what if i'm stuck at home, and can't get out.  When you take COVID and protests, the two together it just amplifies it," said DeLoach.