Gunman on the run following murder of Gwinnett County mother

Loved ones in Florida say no one knew exactly what time Tania Baker was supposed to load up and head back home to Gwinnett County with her son. That's why detectives believe her killer must have known something about her comings and goings to be positioned at just the right time to execute her.

"They didn't touch her baby. They didn't take anything. We just don't know why she is dead," said Springfield Police Investigator Jason Purdy. "This makes no sense. There's a 10-month old boy with no mother right now...for no reason."

Tania Baker was gunned down in front of her 8-month-old son on January 10 at 6:30. Someone ambushed her in front of her grandmother's home on Bob Little Road near Panama City. The 21-year-old mother had just secured her son in his infant car seat when she was shot four times in front of her grandmother. The detective told FOX 5's Portia Bruner it was nothing short of an execution. 

"We have no leads. No witnesses. Nothing. We don't know why she was executed. But this was personal. The person who did this had to be standing right over her," Purdy said.

Tania's grandmother heard the shots, but by the time she and others who heard the gunfire checked outside, Tania was already on the ground dying from gunshot wounds to the head with no gunman in sight.

"Her family is distraught. They want answers and so do we. Whoever did this had to know she was going to be down here and when. This was personal," said the homicide detective.

Police hope friends in metro Atlanta may be able to shed some light on the murder or on any conflict she may have had with anyone in Georgia. Anonymous tips can be made to Crime Stoppers in Florida by calling 850-785-TIPS. Detective Purdy can be reached at 850-872-7545.