Gun fired inside DeKalb County middle school classroom, officials say

Miller Grove Middle School (FOX 5)

School officials say no one was hurt after a gun was discharged in a classroom at a DeKalb County middle school on Tuesday.

A letter sent home to parents and guardians of Miller Grove Middle School outlines the incident. The letter states a small popping noise was heard by staff during a class restroom break. A school resource officer and administrations were immediately alerted.

The letter states after a brief investigation, the weapon was found and confiscated.

"I applaud the appropriate response from our staff and campus security to address the incident promptly," Principal Sharon Y. Evans wrote.

The student who brought the weapon onto campus now faces school disciplinary actions as well as possible criminal charges.

"I encourage families to use this incident as an example of the importance of our ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign by telling a parent or staff member any time they suspect there may be an unsafe situation at school," the principal wrote.

No word on why the child brought the weapon on campus.