Gun battle in Castleberry Hill stirs concerns of neighbors

The calm of a Sunday night was upset by gunfire in a community bordering Downtown Atlanta

Police confirm several men who had been arguing drew weapons and started firing.

It happened on Peters Street in the heart of the Castleberry Hill section.

"Never expected 30 to 40 shots," one homeowner recalled. 

At 9 p.m., the homeowner said, "Any of us could have been out there at the time -- walking the dog or just taking out the garbage."

The 10-year-resident saw one of the young men toting a rifle.

It appeared no one was struck by the gunfire. But after the first squad cars approached, and with the shooters scattering, several innocent motorists noticed damage to their vehicles. 

The front window of a business was shattered by the gunfire. The owner quickly boarded it up. 

So, what started the argument? It may have been a dispute over parking. There is a nightclub located near where the gunplay took place.

However, Timothy Peek, a deputy chief, said the department has nothing to tie the shooting to that club. "We are investigating," the commander told the Atlanta City Council Public Safety Panel.