Gun, police ballistics vest recovered after teenage 'serial car burglar's' arrest, officials say

A 16-year-old "serial car burglar" is facing charges after police say they were caught in a stolen car with a collection of ill-gotten goods in DeKalb County.

Thursday, the DeKalb County Police Department's license plate readers alerted officers to a hit on a stolen vehicle in the area of North Hairston Road and Central Drive.

After finding the car, police say the people inside took off running.

Officers caught a 16-year-old, who investigators called a "serial car burglar."

After the teen's arrest, officials say they recovered a police-issued ballistics vest, radio, hearing protection, multiple laptops, purses, and more items that had been stolen in neighboring jurisdictions.

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(DeKalb County Police Department)

If you believe you've been a victim of this group of thieves, call Tucker police at (678) 937-5340.