GSP arrests Atlanta police officer for DUI

An Atlanta Police Officer is in trouble with the law. Atlanta Police confirm Sherrick Morrison has a number of charges against him, including DUI.

According to a report from the Georgia State Patrol, Morrison was driving a Nissan Altima when he hit a car on Interstate 285. Lamarshall Butler was driving that car.

“The car struck me from the back and the driver pulled up alongside of me and looked at me and then pulled off,” said Butler.

Butler said the impact pushed her into the car in front of her. Butler said she and the driver of that vehicle both went after the Nissan. Butler said they were near Camp Creek Parkway when the Nissan broke down.

In an email, Atlanta police confirmed Georgia State Patrol arrested Atlanta Police Officer Sherrick Morrison on charges of DUI, following too closely, and hit and run/leaving the scene of an accident.

Atlanta Police said Morrison is on paid leave while the Office of Professional Standards investigates.

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