Group demands GBI investigate Cobb County Police Department

At a news conference Friday, the National Action Network demanded the Georgia Bureau of Investigation take an in depth look at the Cobb County Police Department as a whole, along with one of their lieutenant's past stops and arrests.

The demand came after a video surfaced this week of Cobb County Police Lieutenant Greg Abbott using racially charged words during a traffic stop last year.

"We want a review of all of Abbott's stops and arrests to see if they were racially motivated and we want the GBI to look at the Cobb County Police Department as well," National Action Network Youth Director Mary-Pathector said.

In the video, Lt. Abbott is heard saying "We only kill black people, right?"

Abbott was speaking to the white female passenger who said she was scared to move her hands after seeing videos of police violence.

"There is an institutionalized, systematic evil going on in the psyche of the police department," Pastor Sabrina McKenzie said.

Lieutenant Abbott retired Thursday just a few hours after Cobb County Police Chief Mike Register announced plans to fire the 28-year veteran on the force.

"This is only the beginning," National Action Networks' Jeffery Benoit said.

The group also demanded officers go through intense diversity training and psychological testing.

"We may not be getting hung up in trees anymore, but we are getting lynched," Pierson Briggs said.